Early Career Investigators

Round Table Discussion

Our annual roundtable occurs over breakfast, prior to the scheduled talks for the day. The format is informal, with interested individuals from all career stages (graduate student through full professor). The breakfast is available to all conference attendees; despite this widely cast net, the goal of the round table is specifically to enable early career investigators to seek career advice from the more senior members in attendance, as well as early career peers as appropriate.

Dr. Helen Wilson, APPA Membership Chair, facilitates this discussion, with input from other APPA council members who also make a point of attending this event. Importantly, participation in this event among early career conference attendees has grown steadily over the past five years it has been offered, and feedback from attendees has been positive, in particular in relation to the informal format that offers a counterpoint to the more structured nature of the remainder of the meeting.

Mentorship Program

The APPA has also recently launched a mentorship program for early career investigators to enable them to more easily integrate into the ongoing meeting. The program has focused to date on individuals selected to present a poster during the meeting, who self-identify as being interested in getting paired with a more senior APPA member who is registered to attend the upcoming meeting. Senior-level APPA members who are interested in serving in a mentorship role during the upcoming meeting are paired with these interested junior level investigators. Every attempt is made to match mentees with mentors who have overlapping interests, to maximize the scope of advice that can be shared (i.e. beyond the workings of the ongoing meeting to broader career issues). The mentors are encouraged to meet with their mentees once or twice during the meeting, to benefit from their expertise.

Due to positive feedback about this relatively new program, we are including a question during the meeting registration process that asks individuals who have been APPA members for at least 5 years to indicate whether they would be willing to serve as a mentor. These individuals will then serve as the primary source from which mentors will be drawn for individuals who express interest in having one. On the mentee side, we will also include a question asking if an individual is a first time APPA meeting attendee or an early career investigator; if so, they will be asked whether they would be interested in being paired with a mentor during the upcoming meeting.

Pre-conference workshop for trainees

Each year, as part of the American Psychopathological Association conference in New York, NY, we hold a half-day meeting for fellows and faculty involved in training or training programs. This year, the meeting will take place from noon to the end of the afternoon of March 4, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Hotel (https://www.appassn.org/) where the rest of the APPA meeting will take place on March 5-7, 2020.

This event offers an opportunity for students, fellows, trainees and faculty from different universities and organizations to meet and get to know each other. Faculty members briefly present on the training program at their own university, followed by a 15-minute presentation given by one of their fellows or trainees of their own work, followed by questions and discussion. NIH staff also present at this workshop, focusing on current institute scientific priorities and issues in obtaining funding, especially at early career stages. A wine-and-cheese networking opportunity at the end of the afternoon provides everyone with an opportunity to interact more informally. The connections made at past workshop have sometimes led to positions or fellowships for junior scientists and to new research collaborations.