January 2020

February 2020 Newsletter:

The APPA in the 2020’s

APPA proposes improvements to our organization as it looks ahead to the 2020’s and beyond
APPA’s officers and council have devoted substantial effort over the past year to modernizing our organization so that it will better meet the needs and interests of our current members, reach out more effectively to new members, and strengthen our commitment to long-term members. At our upcoming March 2020 meeting, we will be honoring our longest-standing APPA members – 40 years plus! Also, we have begun working with Parthenon Management Company, which manages several major psychiatric societies, so that we can function more efficiently and spend more time on scientific content of meetings, creating new initiatives such as webinars, and long-range vision and strategic planning. We also believe that Parthenon will help us to enhance the experience of attendees at the yearly meetings and of members throughout the intervening months.APPA council is also proposing to change the process of becoming an APPA member. APPA membership now requires a nomination process followed by a vote of approval of existing members. We are proposing to change this for several reasons – to be more consistent with other organizations, to be more inclusive and remove barriers, and to allow us to increase and diversify our membership. With this change any individual who wishes to become an APPA member can sign up online and thereby join our Association immediately. This constitutional change is being presented to members prior to our March meeting, and we hope it will be officially adopted at that time.

Finally, APPA has re-organized its committee structure. The purpose of this is to expand opportunities for members to participate in running our organization. At this time, we are proposing to establish a Program Committee and a Membership Committee. Our other committees will continue; these include a Nominating Committee for upcoming officers and vacancies on Council, an Awards Committee, and a Trainee Workshop Committee.

Interested in hearing more about these changes? Come to the APPA business meeting! On Friday, March 6, after the morning symposia, we will have a business meeting from 12:25 to 1:25 that is open to all, and we encourage you to attend. There, we will review and discuss the changes we have made. At 1:25, in the same room, all committee chairs and APPA members who are interested in getting involved will have an opportunity for a brief meet-and-greet so that they can discuss getting started. See below for details on how to get involved!

APPA Program Committee (Jimmy Potash, Chair, and Susan Santangelo, Co-Chair)

Hello APPAers. The Program Committee for 2021 is forming now. As next year’s President, I have put together a theme around New Frontiers in Mood Disorders Research. A number of cutting-edge areas will be featured, such as what genetics tells us about mood disorder nosology, genetic testing for antidepressant prescribing, the use of esketamine for treatment-resistant depression and brexanolone for postpartum depression, and studies of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, in large-scale clinical trials for depression. I welcome people who would like to help plan and organize this meeting. If you are interested, or would like more information, please get in touch with me at jpotash@jhmi.edu.

This committee will also be co-chaired by Susan Santangelo, who takes responsibility for organizing the poster sessions. Given that we had an almost 3-fold increase in poster submissions for the 2020 meeting compared to last year, we can use the help of APPA members who would like to get involved in this important aspect of our yearly meetings. If you are interested in getting involved, or would like more information, please contact Susan Santangelo at abstracts@appassn.org.

APPA Membership Committee (Helen Wilson, Chair)

This committee will support the membership chair in generating new ideas and carrying out strategies to promote membership and enhance member experience. We will work to increase inclusiveness and diversity of our association. We will continue to develop initiatives to engage and support trainees and early career members. This committee will also help to enhance APPA’s use of social media to engage members and increase interest in our activities. We particularly encourage participation of early career members and individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please contact Helen Wilson at helenwilson@stanford.edu.

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Register for the 2020 meeting by February 12th before registration rates increase!

Take advantage of discounted room rates at the Crowne Plaza through February 12th!

For APPA members, please vote in our upcoming election! Ballots will be emailed soon!

APPA adds second poster session in 2020!

A highlight of our annual meeting is the poster session. Because the response to our call for abstracts for the 2020 meeting was unprecedentedly large, we have added a second poster session. The poster sessions will be held on Thursday evening, March 5, and on Friday morning, March 6.

2020 Session Highlight – Measurement, Diagnosis, Outcomes

Session 5 of our 2020 Annual Meeting will be chaired by Dr. Edward Nunes, Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University. At the opening of the session. Dr. Bridget Grant will receive the APPA’s Zubin Award.  Following that, Dr. Eric Strain will present on outcome measures for substance use disorders, and Dr. Stephanie O’Malley will present on meaningful clinical trial endpoints.


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