Early December 2019

Early December 2019 Newsletter: Robins-Guze and APPA Leadership Nominations
Message from President-Elect Jimmy Potash on the APPA’s Robins-Guze Award

Dr. James “Jimmy” Potash is the Henry Phipps Professor, Director, and Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Johns Hopkins Medicine. He returned to Hopkins in 2017 after a six-year stint as Chair and Department Executive Officer of the University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry. Jimmy’s work has focused on investigation of the genetic and epigenetic basis of mood disorders—depression and bipolar disorder. Dr. Potash’s work was recognized by the APPA in 2003 through its Robins/Guze Award. He was nominated for this award, and introduced to the APPA, by his mentor Dr. Ray DePaulo, a former APPA President and former Johns Hopkins Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. The Robins/Guze Award is especially meaningful as it honors two leaders in the field of psychopathology, investigators who led the way in ushering in the empirical era in our field, through papers like their landmark 1970 American Journal of Psychiatry publication on diagnostic validity in schizophrenia. In 2003 Potash had just published several papers on the psychotic form of bipolar disorder and its potential genetic overlap with schizophrenia. He is pleased to be part of a group of superb Robins/Guze awardees that include Thomas Schulze, now President of the International Society for Psychiatric Genetics, Carolyn Rodriguez, Deputy Editor of the American Journal of Psychiatry, and Karestan Koenen, now Professor of Psychiatry Epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. We encourage applications for the 2021 award!

As President of the APPA in 2021, Dr. Potash wants to attract new members to maintain the vitality of this more than 100-year old organization, engage existing members, and work to solidify the APPA’s financial position. The highest priority is organizing an outstanding 2021 meeting, which will focus on the theme New Frontiers in Mood Disorders Research. This will cover a range of areas from molecular psychiatry to medications. When depression proves to be resistant to established treatments, new pharmacologic and brain stimulation options are being tried. For example, psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, has shown promise in early trials. Efforts are underway to determine whether personalized approaches to these, and to conventional therapies, might help us get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. This meeting will be a chance to assess the state-of-the-art in mood disorders research, and, hopefully, to exchange ideas about what should come next.

Accepting nominations for APPA leadership positions

The Nominations Committee is soliciting recommendations for three important APPA leadership positions. To propose a colleague or yourself, please send a note of interest and CV to Dr. Susan Santangelo, APPA Councilor at secretary@appassn.org by December 30, 2019. In 2020, APPA members will elect a new Vice-President (organizer of the 2023 annual meeting), Treasurer (to serve as Councilor-at-Large for 1 transitional year and Treasurer for the subsequent 3 years), and Councilor-at-Large, to serve for 4 years.

The APPA Vice President is vital to the association. The newly elected Vice President will fulfill the role of Vice-President in their first year of service, President-Elect in their second year of service, President in their third year of service, and Councilor in the fourth year of service. The APPA Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of APPA. APPA Councilors contribute to the APPA by participating in council meetings and by taking on responsibilities that are vital to the success of the organization including overseeing the poster session at the annual meeting and outreach to other professional societies related to APPA’s mission.

Discounted registration and hotel rates

The early registration deadline is Friday, December 13, 2019. Please register before this date to benefit from the lowest registration rate. APPA has also secured significantly reduced room rates at the Crowne Plaza Times Square for the 2020 meeting. Reserve online for discounted room rates through February 12th, 2020. APPA is obligated to fill its room block; therefore we encourage all attendees to stay at the Crowne Plaza.

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Submit nominations for the 2020 Robins-Guze award by December 31st to secretary@appassn.org

Register for the 2020 meeting by December 13th for the lowest rate

Nominate yourself or others for APPA leadership positions by December 20th

APPA adds second poster session in 2020!

A highlight of our annual meeting is the poster session. Because the response to our call for abstracts for the 2020 meeting was unprecedentedly large, we have added a second poster session. The poster sessions will be held on Thursday evening, March 5, and on Friday morning, March 6.

2020 Session Highlight – Substance Use Epidemiology

Session 3 of our 2020 Annual Meeting will present a range of speakers addressing the epidemiology of substance use and substance use disorders. Professor Kerry Keyes will present on age-period-cohort effects in the 21st century; professor Christiane Duarte will present on the intergenerational cycle of adversity; and professor Debra Furr-Holden will present on racial inequity in psychiatric and substance use disorders. The session will be moderated by Columbia Epidemiology chair Charles Branas.


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