2023 Annual Meeting: March 2-4, 2023

Complexity in Psychopathology: One Size Does Not Fit All

New York City, NY

Heterogeneity and variability in clinical presentation, cognition, and biological measures are well-known in psychiatry research, but these issues are typically seen as confounds.  This complexity is increasingly standing in the way of further advances and the development of new treatments. In addition, recent debates around DSM-5, RDoC, HiTOP, clinical staging, and other approaches to psychopathology indicate that our best hope for meaningful progress is to examine complexity as a feature in itself. With this background, the 2023 meeting will focus on “Complexity in Psychopathology”. We will explore several avenues of current research to turn complexity into an opportunity to understand better and treat psychopathology. ​The meeting will feature speakers describing applications of complexity principles to the study of the brain and behavior. There will also be opportunities to discuss how brain biology and psychopathology interact and mold one another dynamically and how complexity can help us understand this process.

Planned Keynote Talks: ​

  • “Is personalized psychiatry possible?”​
  • “Making sense of complex nature of psychiatric disorders.”

Featured Panels: ​

  • Data– Understanding and handling sources of variability​
  • Development– Homotypic continuity vs. pluripotent syndromes​
  • Diagnosis– Over-specificity and under-specificity in diagnostic systems​
  • Treatment– Heterogeneity of treatment response: What is it and what can we learn from it?​
  • Biology– What has it been difficult mapping biology onto psychopathology?

Dost Ongur, MD, PhD
William P. and Henry B. Test Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Director, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorder Research Program, Mclean Hospital

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