Abstract Submission

Poster  and Scholarship Award Submissions 

Thank you to all poster submitters! We had a record number of abstracts submitted for the Virtual Meeting and look forward to the high-quality presentations.


Virtual Presentation: Presenters will upload an image of their poster as well as have the opportunity to record and upload a voice poster that will accompany the poster image.  Presenters will also be given the opportunity provide a link to a personal virtual meeting room (such as Zoom or Webex) to be available to talk with attendees during the designated poster time.

A small number of abstracts will be selected for oral presentation during the virtual event.

Just as COVID-19 has caused adaptions in daily lives, the theme of the 2021 APPA Meeting has been adapted to focus on the mental health aspects of COVID-19, including an emphasis on stress, its biology and its relation to the development of depression. Additionally, sessions on stress in relation to anxiety disorders, and also substance use disorders will be included in the program.

The new meeting will begin with a review of what is known about the mental health aspects of disasters and pandemics. It will then move to a focus on what is unique in the mental health components of the COVID-19 pandemic, including, for example, the biology of brain effects, the mental health of survivors of acute respiratory distress syndrome, and the effects of social isolation on domestic violence and PTSD. Another area highlighted will be the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of vulnerable and marginalized communities.

This meeting will be a chance to assess what we know about the psychological response to disasters and crisis, to see what we have learned in a year about mental health in the current pandemic, and to exchange ideas about the work and research that need to be done next.

Scholarship Awards
For the 2021 Annual Meeting, APPA anticipates being able to award meritorious abstracts with registration scholarship awards to support the cost of attending the virtual annual meeting. To be eligible applicants must be presenting a poster at the meeting. There are 3 categories of scholarship awards: Student/Trainee, Early Stage Investigator, and Diversity.