105th Annual Meeting of the American Psychopathological Association

March 5-7, 2015 Crowne Plaza Times Square New York

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Exploring the Outer Boundaries of Psychopathology

For more than a century, the APPA has convened annually to deliberate on the latest developments in scientific research on psychopathology and its biological and psychosocial substrates. William James, who originally envisioned the formation of this society, actively sought to encourage the investigation of the “great gap” between “normal psychology” and “full-blown insanity.” In the intervening years over the last century, developments in basic and clinical research have substantially advanced the scientific understanding of psychiatric illness. Exploration of the great borderland between normality and psychopathology, however, lags in its progress. Historically, the mental health field has encountered difficulties and controversies in efforts to differentiate elements of normal human experience from psychopathology. Even today, the collections of symptoms that patients present to clinicians do not always coalesce into clearly recognizable disorders or syndromes. Differentiation of normal or normative experience from psychopathology is needed not only to direct clinicians to the most appropriate and effective interventions, but also to provide optimal guidance for research into the biological substrates of psychological processes and psychopathological states. The agenda of the 2015 APPA meeting—informed by the perspectives of leading experts in psychiatric nosology, epidemiology, and clinical and basic science—will dive headlong into the uncharted boundary waters between normality and psychopathology.

Carol S. North, MD, MPE

President 2015

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Crossing the boundaries into mood disorders and psychosis
Chair: Carol Tamminga
Larry Seidman
Thomas Schulze
Eric Nestler
Rex Jung
Kathleen Merikangas
Jules Angst

Normal and abnormal responses to stress and trauma
Chair: Naomi Breslau
Carol North
Allan Young
Rebecca Smith
Richard McNally

Developmental and age-related functioning and psychopathology
Chair: Francine Cournos
Jane Costello
Peter Szatmari
Robert King
Rolf Loeber
Sean Clouston

Social and cultural constructions of psychopathology
Chair: Cathy Widom
David Pollio
Leslie Davidson
Jack Drescher
Sir Richard Peto

Substance use and addictions
Chair: Linda Cottler
Sir Richard Peto
Ted Cicero
Collins Lewis
Jadon Webb
Wilson Compton